Frequently Asked Questions

How To Apply
Yes. If you do not currently have a LATAM Pass Member Number, one will be assigned to you. All of your LATAM Pass Points will accumulate to one LATAM Pass account.
Multiplus is the official LATAM Airlines loyalty program where points you earn from your LATAM Visa Card and flying LATAM Airlines and other oneworld Alliance partners are available in your Multiplus account for you to redeem tickets and other products.
No. The primary LATAM Visa Cardholder's name must match the LATAM Pass Member name and associated LATAM Pass number. However, if you would like additional cards for a family member, you can request to add authorized signers  to your account.
You will receive notification of the status of your application within two to three weeks.
Member Benefits
Yes! You earn Multiplus Points on qualifying net purchases that can be redeemed for flights and upgrades on LATAM Airlines.
  • Earning Power 
    Use the LATAM Visa Card for everyday purchases from airline tickets to hotels to gas and groceries to big-ticket items like computers and home furnishings to monthly recurring charges (mortgage, utilities, daycare services, or tuition).
  • Automatic Bill Payments 
    Pay your bills with your Card. Contact merchants or service providers for exact details and acceptance.
    Learn more about Automatic Bill Payment.
  • AutoPay 
    Pay your LATAM Visa Card bill from any checking or savings account in the United States. Learn more about AutoPay.
  • Online Banking 
    Enroll to view transactions, make a payment, request convenience checks or balance transfers, or set up account alerts. Learn more about online banking
There are no points caps on LATAM Visa Cards.
Basic Card Facts
The LATAM Visa Card works just like any other Visa Card for purchases at millions of locations that accept Visa Credit Cards.
Yes. You can use your LATAM Visa Card for cash advances at ATMs that accept Visa Credit Cards. Cash advances do not earn points.
The APR is competitive for credit cards that offer rewards. Keep in mind that you pay no interest on purchases if you pay your bill in full by the payment due date.
Airline-affiliated credit cards that offer points for card usage generally charge an annual fee. LATAM Visa is offering a $0 intro annual fee the first year as a courtesy to you as a new cardholder. Thereafter the LATAM Visa Signature Card has a $75 annual fee, the LATAM Visa Card has a $45 annual fee and the LATAM Visa Secured Card has a $25 annual fee. Keep using your Card for everyday purchases and you’ll be on your way to many benefits including points you can redeem for unforgettable trips via LATAM Airlines and its Affiliated carriers, and oneworld® partner airlines.
Yes. Enjoy managing your account in the privacy of your own home or while you are traveling via the Internet.  Learn more about online banking.
Additional Questions
Yes. Simply call 800-274-7200. When you call this number you will have the choice of connecting to a Spanish-speaking customer service representative or using the automated 24-hour voice response system. The voice response system allows you to access detailed information about your LATAM Visa account balance in English as well as in Spanish.
Your statement is designed to make it easy to view important information on your account. Learn more about how to read your statement.
Users that are unable to download files or view online statements should change the 'Do not Save Encrypted Pages Setting' in the Security section. To change this setting:
  1. Go to: Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Scroll down to the Security section and uncheck 'Do not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk' setting